Different Magic Mushrooms Strains
Varied strains of mushrooms have erratic psilocybin levels and psilocin. Shrooms look
distinct, have distinct settings, and varied spore production patterns. The impacts generated
by varied strains also differ.
What are a few popular magic mushroom strains?
Some prominent species include Amanita muscaria, the Golden teacher,
Amazonian cubensis and African Transkei.
How many magic mushroom strains are there?
Magic mushrooms come in a ton of strains. We yet don’t realize several of the categories
that occur. This is why you must go hunting for mushrooms with a mycologist!
Like cannabis plants, there are multiple varied strains and categories of mushrooms. It is
worth knowing that there are just two categories of cannabis, however multiple strains. With
shrooms, there are multiple categories, and in those categories, many varied strains.
You may have learned of Amanita muscaria or Psilocybe cubensis; they are two varied
categories of mushrooms. However, when we talk about Amazonian Cubensis or Golden
Teachers, we talk about varied Psilocybe cubensis strains.
Let’s look at a few of the diverse strains and species of mushrooms.
This is an informational summary of the numerous species of mushrooms. It is not a
handbook for selecting mushrooms. A mycologist should pick shrooms. We don’t suggest
going to specify mushrooms other than pure recreation, as it’s incredibly susceptible to
accidentally select a toxic mushroom. Do not wield this as a handbook for selecting

  1. Psilocybe cubensis or Golden Teachers
    They are a Psilocybe cubensis strain and are captioned by their bright tip with small white
    specks. They are provided their name as they are relating in a thoughtful teacher sort of
    The Golden Teacher stems are relatively thick, often thriving in clans. As they ripen, the
    vigor of the golden tip begins to recede, it is told that they are at their greatest when the
    hoods open and begin to plunge spores.
    They are great for amateurs since they’re gracious on the psychedelic aspect. There’s yet a
    robust impact, but it looks like they’re extensively better condoned by novices than other
    dominant Psilocybin categories.
  2. Psilocybe cubensis or Amazonian Cubensis

The Amazonian Cubensis retains a fatter shaft. It is relatively fleshy. It’s largely distributed in
South and Central America. It is now reproduced across the globe. Amazonians are the
most powerful species in Psilocybe cubensis.
The Psilocybe strain may elicit more savage, wild emotions than Golden Teachers. Golden
teachers are naturally more relaxed. They’re powerful with massive visuals, lighter Psilocybe
species too.
Dosage is advised with a warning for Amazonians. If you already have heavy experience in
magic mushrooms you can be more casual about it.
There are precisely thousands additional. It is not an all-out catalog of mushroom variety
across the planet. There are many more. Every part of the earth generally has its strains of
mushrooms. Gratitude to harvest, we now possess passage to a few of the earth’s aboriginal
strains, such as those documented in this writing. So this summary lends you a tiny glance
into their world.