If you are new to cryptocurrencies and the dark web, you’re good to go. But for everyone else, I will try to explain this by being as non-technical as possible. To keep this simple, I have already researched which options are the easiest to use. Yes, there are so many alternative options to what I’m going to explain, but if this is all new to you, I suggest you trust my recommendations.

Purchasing online anonymously

There are websites online that are a bit like EBay where you can make a selection from a variety of suppliers and choose the right one according to their reputation score. This will probably be new to you, but they are the best in the business.

You won’t find these websites using Google, but on DuckDuckGo, you will need to install a new browser on your device. The one to use is Tor, and it will keep your online activity completely private and untraceable. This offers you protection and, of course, is essential for the people you will be buying from.

The inconvenient bit
You will need to set up a cryptocurrency wallet on your phone and open DuckDuckGo, on Tor. You’ll then need to buy some bitcoin before ordering shrooms in Australia.

The advantages
Once you have set this, all repeat purchases will be straightforward. You will also have protected all your activities (just as the sellers need to do), making it highly likely that your purchase can ever be tracked.